Welcome to Gourmet Limes,
home of the Rhyne Horticulture Finger Lime Nursery.

Gourmet Limes is a point of sale for Finger Lime trees to the
wholesale nursery and farming sectors.

Rhyne Horticulture is a specialist Finger Lime nursery providing
Australia with the largest range of finger lime varieties. Producing
finger lime trees exclusively enables the rapid production of uniformed
quality plants. See Nursery

Rhyne Horticulture have sampled and collected an extensive finger
lime gene bank, comprised of specimens selected to encompass the
phenotypic diversity of the species. Intensive commercial and
agricultural trials of this collection have identified cultivars deemed
most suitable for large scale production. See Varieties

Rhyne Horticulture has been rapidly expanding its nursery production
capabilities to meet the growing demands of the agricultural and home
garden industries. Click here to get information on plant availability and